June 10

  1. Rails Girls Install Party at LivingSocial

June 11

  1. Registration
  2. Rails Girls DC Morning Sessions
  3. Lunch
  4. Rails Girls DC Afternoon Sessions
  5. CustomInk RubyNation Kickoff Party (aka Rails Girls DC After Party) at Fire Station 1

June 12

  1. Breakfast and Registration at the Silver Spring Civic Building
  2. Fields & Fences by Sarah Mei
  3. Landing Your First Ruby Job by Chris Mar
  4. rubygems.next by Nick Quaranto
  5. Coffee Break
  6. Speed-dating Your Rails Application by Dana Jones
  7. First Lessons in Control Theory by Hiro Asari
  8. No More Dragons: Defeating the Darkness with Presenters by Kevin Hopkins and Allison McMillan
  9. Lunch
  10. Urban Legends: What You Code Makes You Who You Are by PJ Hagerty
  11. Compiling A Dependently Typed Language To Ruby by Mike Bernstein
  12. React on Rails: modular Javascript that is the right for your app by Kyle Fritz
  13. Snack Break
  14. Deep Dive Into ROM by Piotr Solnica
  15. Dancing with Robots by Julian Cheal
  16. Lightning Talks
  17. Optoro After Party at McGinty's Pub
  18. Ruby and Dinosaurs

June 13

  1. Breakfast and Registration
  2. Ditching Our Single-Page Application by Starr Horne
  3. Hardware Hacking 101 by Christopher Sexton
  4. Fast Everything: Advancing our ability to write fast code through tools and understanding by Aaron Quint
  5. Coffee Break
  6. Managing Distributed Teams by Maria Gutierrez
  7. Front-End Development in Ruby with Opal and Clearwater by Jamie Gaskins
  8. Diagnosing cancer with machine learning by Simon van Dyk
  9. Lunch
  10. Your Bright Metaprogramming Future: Mistakes You'll Make (and How to Fix Them) by Betsy Haibel
  11. Dropping down to The Metalâ„¢ by Godfrey Chan
  12. Snack Break
  13. Vets Can Code by Chris Kibble
  14. Create Your Own Programming Language! by Nick Heiner
  15. Development Was The Easy Part by André Arko
  16. Hired Happy Hour at the Copper Canyon Grill